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Singsician aims to be the most trusted source for singers who want to be better than they were yesterday.

We offer articles, videos, podcasts, courses and, in future, a personalized way to track your own progress. At Singsician we see all singers as musicians and all musicians as able to sing.

A singer with goals will be…

Performance Ready

Performance Ready

Practice, Habits

Natural talent (whatever that means) is great – but great performances are born from practice, thought, experience, and grit. Singers who are ready are those who sharpen-the-saw on all aspects of their singing. This means that whether its fronting a stadium rock band or singing at an aunt’s birthday, singers aware of their skills can find a venue that matches their level, genre and passion, and each performance has a shot at being better than the last.

Artistically Free

Artistically Free

Creativity, Expression

A technically perfect performance, alone, isn’t the holy grail. But when passion, personality and freedom enter the picture, truly powerful experiences are created. This journey includes the pursuit of any genre or interpretation as well as permission to take risks and make mistakes – as singers push the creative boundaries of their lives.

Vocally Healthy

Vocally Healthy

Technique, Health

The point is to have a long life of singing. That’s why we listen to insights that emerge from team-based voice care – where singing teachers, speech therapists, vocal coaches, doctors and surgeons come together, compare research and find agreement. One of the most important insights to emerge is that all singers can learn to produce a wide spectrum of sounds in an efficient and strain-free way.

Audio Savvy

Audio Savvy

Acoustics, Technology

Singers maximize their delivery when they take ownership audio technology. It may be an understanding of how room acoustics affect a choir performance, or how choosing the right mic or vocal presets helps one’s sound to prevail. It ain’t a virtue to shrug off sound – especially when it can unlock the power of the voice.

Musically Informed

Musically Informed

Theory & Literacy, Listening

Informed singers do anything they can to take charge of their sound whether that’s learning to read music, discovering more about the artists who informed the work of their idol, studying performances with the intensity of sports stars analyzing past games – and any other journey that takes them more deeply into musical mastery. A singer is a musician, after all.

Audience Engaging

Audience Engaging

Connection, Entertaining

A singer has the power to make people feel something – be it sorrow, contemplation, joy or the urge to get up and party. Real human connection during a performance is the ultimate high for both audience and performer; it transports them to another world.

Interests for Singers

Choir & EnsembleChoir & Ensemble

Stage Production Stage Production

Solo Artist Solo Artist

Gigging Band or Team Gigging Band

Recording Recording

Business Education

Business Business

How is Our Content so Effective?

Our content comes from those who really know their stuff, backed by science, experience and common sense. Singsician is ‘ecumenical’ – a greek term meaning ‘universal’. Our contributors come from all over the world and are united in the goal of applying their expertise to meet the needs of singers.

When it comes to health and technique we turn to trained medical specialists who work with singers – and coaches who work alongside them. In fact, we have experts behind all our work, even when these are outside of the ‘hard sciences’: artists who have 5,000 gigs under their belts discuss what you really need to take to a gig or concert, Grammy winning engineers share audio advice, proven social media gurus talk about how to best use Facebook, choral conductors share how to sing Baroque repertoire – you get the point.

When our scientists and experts speak outside of their area of expertise, we ensure that this is in line with established views and common sense.

All of our content is aimed at the needs of singers which is why we don’t allow ‘puff pieces’ — infomercials where you never really get any substance. Our contributors have a heart for singers and their voices. Finally, we’re ecumenical. That’s a cool Greek word which means ‘the entire world’: we aim our content at all singers, whatever place they’re in. One singer is working hard just to get out of the house and share their voice in public while another is a full-time professional with a challenging tour ahead. There are so many different journeys to singing improvement and we embrace all of them.

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