Sing at the Top of Your Game

Sing at the Top of Your Game - by Singsician

Essential vocal technique and career advice for a long-lasting singing career.

Practical knowledge which lays the foundation for singing success.

Written by an accomplished singer, celebrity vocal coach and respected educator.

Insights from the stars on making a singing career a reality.

Lisa Popeil is a rare blend of accomplished performer, experienced session singer and academically trained educator.  She not only knows how one should work with the voice, but also how to work in the industry so one’s voice gets heard!

Lisa has drawn on many years of experience to share essential knowledge for any singer who wants to improve their vocal control and musical abilities. The book is also packed with insights on how to build a unique singing career in a rapidly changing industry.


Lisa PopeilLisa Popeil is one of LA’s top voice coaches with over 40 years of professional teaching experience. As a singer, she’s performed and recorded with Frank Zappa and ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic and her album ‘Lisa Popeil’ was a Billboard ‘Top Album Pick’. Lisa has an MFA in Voice, is the creator of the Voiceworks® Method, and is  regularly featured in leading music magazines, journals, books and conferences.