The Ultimate Guide to Singing

The Ultimate Guide to Singing - by Singsician

All aspects of a singer’s life are covered in this ultimate companion to your singing.

Top Actions for Moving Ahead with Your Singing, Sound and Career.

Over 100 professional contributors with 94 Grammys and Grammy nominations, 193 Books, 1,772 Albums and 280 million YouTube hits!

Your Questions answered by experts from across the Music Industry.

The Ultimate Guide to Singing is the break-out book featuring contributions from leaders who work with singers in every area including: top singing stars, producers, engineers, coaches, doctors, agents, managers and social media gurus.

This means that you will gain insight on everything from vocal health and singing technique to how to work with technology and even how to gain online fans. This book is in its third edition, a testimony to the fact that it has helped singers across the world move ahead with their singing goals.

Gregory A. Barker, PhD, is VP of Publishing and Kathy Alexander is VP of Curriculum, both at Singsician aims to be the most trusted source for singers who want to be better than they were yesterday. Singsician’s courses and intelligent singer profile come from leading industry professionals and experts in music education. Take our courses, read articles, listen to podcasts and learn our values at


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